There are social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin available and offering company pages free of charge?

There are several reasons:

1.Ownership and Control: You have complete control over the design, layout, and content on your website unlike social media pages. Social media platforms can change their algorithms and terms of service as per their wish.

2. Flexibility and Functionality: When it comes to your website you have all the freedom to integrate various tools, plugins as per your requirements. But social media pages come with certain limitations on customisation and functionality. Your website allows you to showcase your products, services, testimonials, case studies, and team members in a comprehensive and visually appealing manner.

3.Competitors: Social media platforms are crowded with your competitors. But on your website, you are the only hero.

4. Strategy: You can implement your own strategies like SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Advertisements Campaigns etc. as per your thought process, on your website. You can also track and analyze user behavior on your website to refine your marketing efforts. Over time, your website can go up in search engine ranking, attracting organic traffic and generating leads even when you’re not actively promoting it.

5. Credibility: Your prospective clients expect your own company website with a professional email id. A well-designed, professionally presented website gives a strong impression of credibility and legitimacy. This can help build trust with potential customers, partners, and investors.

6. Long-Term Asset and a centralized hub: Your website is a long-term asset. People can go to all of your social media pages through your website.

7. Audience: every social media platform has different types of audiences. For example, LinkedIn is for professional work and Facebook tends to be personal. Your website can cater to both by using these social media platforms as lead generation channels.

In short, your website is a reliable, customisable and scalable platform while social media platforms can complement your online presence. Think of your website as a mothership while other platforms are generating leads but finally ensure lead lands on your website.

Not just you need to have a website but you need to nurture it. Please read more here: